Heavyweight British company calls for possible EU breakaway

Currently reporting £303 million in earnings, JCB is one of the United Kingdom’s success stories. Its heavyweight machinery (from excavators to tractors) is known the world over, and is truly the leader in its field. Earlier this month, North Midlands-based JCB won a massive £4m contract from Lafarge Tarmac: 60 JCB vehicles to spearhead Lafarge’s road maintenance programme. A huge boost for British technical know-how and manufacturing.

But just recently, Company Chairman, Lord Bamford has entered the economic debate on Britain’s membership of the EU. Speaking to the Midlands media, Lord Bamford, stated that the UK’s position as the “fifth largest economy in the world” would make it relatively easy for us to survive outside the European Union; and that if the Prime Minister failed to win concessions from the EU in the months ahead, an exit from the Brussels-run system should be considered.

It is not the aim of BMFQ to take an overtly “political” line, nor do we seek to dictate an agenda to our members and supporters. But we applaud the underlying ideal at the heart of Lord Bamford’s statement, that Britain has the ability as a country to chart its own destiny. As pioneers of the industrial revolution and worldwide trade, our country should be able to manufacture, export and trade – without permission from office-bound bureaucrats, whether in Whitehall or Brussels.

We at BMFQ stand for true internationalism: nations working together where necessary, but retaining their own character and priorities. Our congratulations to JCB for its great achievements, contribution to the national economy – and great generosity of spirit, as witnessed by its commitment to providing equipment for international disaster relief.
JCB’s record, and Lord Bamford’s views, should provide us all with food for thought.


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