Inventor and lifetime BMFQ member Trevor Baylis dies aged 80.

Trevor Baylis, honorary life member of BMFQ and inventor of the wind-up radio died recently at the age of 80.

Born in London he set about designing a radio that required no external power source after gaining inspiration from a TV programme about Aids in Africa.

“People in Africa were not getting important information because of the cost of batteries,” He built a prototype generator using springs and electric motors within half an hour had a working prototype.”

A London-based financier spotted him talking about his invention on BBC’s Tomorrow’s World and the project snowballed from there. He went onto develop a wind up torch and a mobile phone charger

In the 1970s, he bought a plot of land on Eel Pie Island in the Thames, where he designed and built the house he lived in until his death.

He was awarded a life membership of BMFQ by the directors after a chance meeting in London.

Julian Basely, BMFQ Managing Director said: “Trevor and I immediately hit it off within five minutes of meeting at a trade exhibition in London and he was greatly inspired by BMFQ’s mission to promote British manufacturing at home and abroad.”