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British Made For Quality (BMFQ) is the campaign to keep manufacturing in Britain. Never has this mission been more important, as the United Kingdom rises to the challenge of rebuilding the nation’s industrial base in the wake of the coronavirus crisis and, following Brexit, as a newly-independent state. 

BMFQ is a voice for British manufacturing and engineering businesses run and managed on a purely voluntary basis with no outside funding.

Our aim is to see the active promotion of free enterprise by the nation’s government and local authorities, and the development of training, education and apprenticeships – so that our industries can regenerate and survive in these challenging times.

Our trademark BMFQ logo is a badge of honour which is used by many companies that have signed up to our cause and which meet our criteria. But we also have many individual supporters who support our aims and who choose to join us as ordinary members in order to assist our work.

BMFQ uses social media to enable our message to radiate out to the wider world. We now have a regular ‘conversation’ with many different strands of British business – from heavy industry and precision engineering, to niche manufacturers and craft-workers, and Britain’s vital regional food & drink industry.

If you agree with our aims, please show your support for BMFQ. We are a flexible and open organisation, keen to work with everyone who shares our mission to keep manufacturing in Britain.

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Have other manufacturers suffered this?

A well known electrical cable systems company – a long time BMFQ member – was asked by a medical devices manufacturer to get their staff working 24/7 to manufacture quantities of every day protective equipment.

Our member gave assurances they could do this but it meant sourcing  components from Germany and Taiwan to be flown across to the UK (all at the member’s expense) to ensure the orders could be manufactured and delivered on time – no fail!

However, without any warning the order was awarded to Serbia and our member was left with all the stock and substantially out of pocket!!!

The excuse seems to be the same as a lot of British manufacturers found when trying to offer supplies they had not been vetted and approved by the NHS so they would not accept the supplies from the UK.

Our member was one of the first companies in the UK to be BS5750 approved (now ISO9001) but was not on the NHS list, so they preferred to go to Serbia, who were. Crazy!



BMFQ is a non profit organisation, donations go towards website maintenance and marketing to promote the benefits of keeping manufacturing in the UK.