Welcome to British Made for Quality

Since its inception, British Made for Quality has campaigned vigorously for British engineering, manufacturing (large and small), for the encouragement of enterprise and the development of training, education and apprenticeships – so that our industries can regenerate themselves in an era of intense global competition.

For the last 15 years, BMFQ has made a virtue of its trademark logo – a badge of honour that is displayed by the many companies which have joined our cause. But we have also found that many of the new people joining us are doing so as “ordinary members”. For example, many individuals and organisations have joined us in our quest for British manufacturing, and that is why BMFQ as an organisation has changed.

We have reconstituted ourselves as a wider movement – larger than just simply a membership organisation, with a prestige badge. From now on, BMFQ will operate through the channels of social media – Facebook and Twitter – enabling our message to radiate out, and embrace many more people than would simply be the case if we remained a conventional membership group.

Through Twitter and Facebook we are able to communicate a vast amount of information to our members, and – at the click of a mouse – to unite with other campaigns, such as the vital efforts being made to save steel-production at Wales’s Port Talbot site. BMFQ can now have a daily “conversation” with many different strands of business – from heavy-duty industry and precision engineering, to niche manufacturers, such as Cornish wooden-boat builders or local producers, and Britain’s thriving regional food and drink industry.

Our website continues to provide articles, news updates, opinions and information, and membership of BMFQ is simply a matter of contacting us to discuss how you would like to help. If you are a company perhaps you would like to support our work with a voluntary donation – or if you are an individual or commercial lobbying group, you can sign up in a similar way just by contacting us.

Welcome to a more flexible and open organisation. We look forward to working with you in the movement to maintain Britain’s industrial and manufacturing bedrock – and wealth.