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British Made for Quality (BMFQ), incorporated in 2002, is an alliance of individuals and organisations campaigning to keep manufacturing in Britain.

Over the years we, on behalf of our members, have strived to increase awareness about the steady decline in British manufacturing and the damage it is doing to our nation’s financial wellbeing and jobs creation strategy.

And we will continue to do so until Government, our educational establishment and our banks start to listen.

The future for our UK manufacturing SME’s remains decidedly uphill and in spite of the promise of more bank support and an increase in public sector purchasing from British suppliers little has changed.

The Coalition told us in 2012 that “We Must Rebuild Our Manufacturing Industry” although unlike French, German and other EU governments it still shows little preference for British manufacturers when placing major contracts.

But perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel!

We predicted that the rising labour costs in China would cause many manufacturers who fled our shores to rethink their original ‘cost saving’ strategies and return to manufacture in the UK. Statistics show that this expectation has now become a reality.

We continue to import high levels of goods sourced from China and the Asian bloc – but are now seeing a fast growing export potential for British products across this vast Asian marketplace. See our recent story: ‘Exporting to the Asian market’.

If government supported British manufacturing in the way it has supported British banks we would have seen a major resurgence in manufacturing. This would have made a huge contribution to rebalancing our economy away from being so dependent on financial services

Whatever your political leanings the message is clear: please support our growing band of manufacturers by buying and promoting ‘made in Britain’ whenever possible.

If you share our beliefs please join us by making use of our registered trademark.

This will clearly identify your products and services as British Made which will help your customers make an informed choice.

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British Factory Orders Climb to Four Month High

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Emma Bridgewater stokes the fires of manufacturing revival

Emma Bridgewater stokes the fires of manufacturing revival

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