Join the great British manufacturing revival – for just £25!

Are you an individual, passionately concerned about this country holding its head high in manufacturing and world markets?

Or perhaps you are a business organisation, local chamber of commerce, or think-tank – concerned that our prestige and economic success as a country comes from our innovation, know-how and manufacturing ability?

In recent years, only companies could join BMFQ – those companies enjoying the sense of belonging to a network of like-minded organisations, using as their badge our own unique BMFQ logo. But now, membership has been extended to everyone – for just £25!

If you would like to unite with us, please contact us via the website or select Join Us from the menu above.

By joining us, you can participate in our lively campaign initiatives which are often conducted via social media; receive regular updates from our research team; and attend meetings and social events. But more importantly, by signing up, you can give us that extra influence and “traction” – so necessary for a campaign as vital as ours. We look forward to hearing from you very soon!


BMFQ is a non profit organisation, donations go towards website maintenance and marketing to promote the benefits of keeping manufacturing in the UK.