We will recover and prosper

Great Britain, Scotland, Wales and Ireland have a long history of survival in adversity and recovery thereafter.

The Black Death Pandemic 1347/50;

The Great 60 year Slump 1430/90;

The Great Plague of London 1665/66;

Scottish Famine 1695/99;

Irish famine 1740/41;

Post Napoleonic depression 1812/21;

Famine and Typhoid in Ireland 1816;

1914/18 First world War;

Spanish Flu Pandemic 1918;

British Economic Depression 1929/33;

W.W.II 1939/45;

Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/?

So what now and what next ?

The overall history of doom and gloom above cannot alter the fact that we are still here !

We have an active Government, an extant and excellent Industrial Base, a strong, liquid and highly respected Financial Sector and we are not at war with any of our close neighbours. So perhaps we should make the most of our current situation, after all you can’t ‘rush’ a Pandemic.

If we are in isolation with our loved ones we are lucky! If we are key workers we are essential to the service and safekeeping of many, and recognised as such. If we are elderly there are a lot of people out there keeping an eye on us. If that is not the case, make a noise until someone notices and brings help.

Above all, remember this is a temporary state of affairs so be sure at the first opportunity to get back in harness, switch on Commerce and Industry and add Covid-19 to the above list of historical ‘Disasters’ overcome by the UK and the rest of the World.

24th April 2020


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