Our Cause

Great Britain was the birthplace of the industrial revolution.

Historically, British manufacturers have fought long and hard to build and protect our heritage as a major force in world manufacturing. For the majority this became a losing battle in the late 1990’s when driven by increasing taxation, rising costs, lack of local Government support, and the flawed thinking of Government and it’s academic ‘Advisors’ a manufacturing exodus started in 1997.

This was based on the foundation that Britain would benefit by moving its manufacturing to the Far East!

And the outcome? More than a million and a half British manufacturing jobs have been lost since the exodus started in 1997.

Imported goods – still largely sourced from China and the Asian bloc – continue to fill the shops, and in spite of the recent rally toward ‘buying British’ all too few of the products currently sold in Britain are actually British made.

Against this backdrop, our four founders formed BMFQ Ltd. in 2001 with a mission to keep manufacturing in Britain.

Since formation we have operated a continuous process of lobbying Government via all forms of media. Indeed, we would like to believe that our constant nagging has played its part in persuading Government to agree the need to rebuild our manufacturing base.

We know that manufacturing must be encouraged to grow in Britain, that British Companies in Asia must be encouraged to return and join those of us who never left in creating the conditions in which British Manufacturing may grow and prosper.

Only then will the British Economy have any real chance of recovery.

How can you help?

BMFQ is funded by membership subscriptions with the income used entirely to enable us to communicate our “Buy British” message to the politicians and the public. The BMFQ management team comprises a small group of volunteers drawn from manufacturing industry, marketing and the media who all share a commitment to “keep manufacturing in Britain”.

You can join BMFQ online, write to your MPs and the newspapers, and lobby your trade associations as part of the essential Campaign to rebuild Manufacturing in Britain.

Through our efforts we have welcomed a long list of varied UK manufacturers, of all sizes, into the BMFQ fold as members who, through their renewals, continue to support the manufacturing cause.

Show your support for products Made in the UK and help make a difference to British Manufacturing Companies. Please Join Us today!

We look forward to welcoming you.


BMFQ is a non profit organisation, donations go towards website maintenance and marketing to promote the benefits of keeping manufacturing in the UK.